Charlee- Black and Tan Tricolor Chihuahua

Hi! I’m Charlee!  My nicknames are Baby Chars, Charmander, Chuck and Char.  I don’t really care what you call me but I love when you talk to me like a baby.  One time I heard my neighbor talking to her baby through the fence and I got so happy.

I was the only puppy in my litter that lived.  My biological mom was very young and small when she became pregnant with us and my biological dad was really big.  All of the other puppies were really big but I was the runt so it was easier for me to get out of my mom’s tummy.  Because there were so many puppies in such a tiny place, we didn’t have much room to grow.  Even I have some problems, like my tail never grew all of the way.  Also, one of my testicles was in my stomach, which caused my parents to pay more money for my surgery to not have babies.  But, I still was not as bad as the other puppies.  One of my brothers was born with half his skull missing and no eyelids.  I guess you could say I was pretty lucky.  The people that owned my biological parents decided to name me Charlie after Charlie Sheen.  I don’t know what it means but they said I had Tiger’s blood and was WINNING!  My mom changed the spelling to Charlee to match her name “Hollee”.

Recently, our cat, Greyson attacked me and clawed me in the eye.  It was really painful and I had to go to the doctor.  I stayed at grandma’s house with mom and Neva and after taking 5 different types of medications for a week, it healed up.  I will always have a scar on my eye that you can only see when you look closely.  My parents have to constantly check it to make sure I don’t get Glaucoma since my iris is permanently damaged.  I think its safe to say I won that fight.

The people that owned my biological parents were my mom’s family, and they asked my mom and dad if they wanted to buy me for only 50$ (even though they wanted to sell me for a lot more).  I remember when my mom and dad first came over to see me, we fell in love.  They took me for a night to see if Neva and I would get along and I really liked them.  After a few weeks, when I was a little bigger, they took me for good.  This works out good because I still get to see my biological mom a lot, and I love to play with her.  I was the cutest little baby Chihuahua in the world.  Everyone always loved me.  I’ve always got a lot of attention from everyone so I am really friendly.  I love to meet new people.  Whenever friends come over to my house, I bring them my toys.  I love showing off all of my favorite toys and I love to play fetch.  My mom bought small tennis balls for me to play with and they are my favorite (besides the nylon bones she buys for me to chew on, which are also my favorite).  I always bring the ball back to people after they throw it for me.  I could play fetch for hours.

When my parents first got me, they “crate trained” me.  I really hated it at first and I cried all night long, but then my mom bought me a really comfortable bed and blankets for my cage and a machine that sounded like a heartbeat.  After that, I slept really good.  Nowadays, my parents let me sleep on the bed with them, but I don’t mind being in my cage.  I get really excited to go in my cage because my parents usually give me food or treats when I go in.  I usually run in before my mom even finishes making my food because I am so excited.

When I sleep on the bed with my parents, I usually like to sleep with my dad.  Sometimes I like to cuddle with my mom, but she usually gives me too many kisses while I am trying to sleep so I’ll go cuddle with dad.  I’m really good about waking them up in the  morning so they can let me go outside and go potty.  I lick their faces so much until they wake up.  I don’t really like when they yell at me, even though I act like I don’t care.  Usually that makes them more mad, because I’ll run away and do what I want.  They don’t realize that I am the alpha male of our family.  My dad tries to act like he is, but he doesn’t realize I am so tough and could kill him with a single bite.

Both neighbors on both sides of our house have two big dogs each.  I like to go outside and bark at them so they know that if they try to come to my house, I will break their faces.  I used to be able to sneak into our old neighbors’ yards and bring all of their toys back into my yard, but now my dad put cement by the fence so I can’t dig.  I love toys though.  I have so many.  My mom always buys me new toys when she goes to the store.  I usually like to play with them until all of the stuffing is torn out of them.  Then my parents have to throw them away and buy me new ones.  My mom always packs toys for me when we go on vacation but I always go pull them out of her suitcase.  She needs to realize that they are my toys and I don’t like other people touching them.  I also get really mad when she tries to clean  and she puts the toys back in the corner.  I always go grab them back out of the basket and put them where they were.

Neva sometimes tries to steal my toys but I get really mad at her.  I always grab them from her and run away.  She usually cons me into playing with her.  She always bites me and makes a funny growling sound when she is playing.  Sometimes she is really loving though, and will lick my face.  She knows I’m the alpha and she has to bow down to me.  Sometimes if I am still hungry, I will try to eat her food.  She gets really mad, but I’m not scared of her.  I bark at her until she leaves her food bowl and then I eat it.  My mom always tells me that I’d be a horrible alpha male in the wild, because my whole pack would starve to death.  I can’t help it though.  I just really love food.

Sometimes my mom lets the vacuum monster out of the closet.  I always bark at him and let him know that he is not welcome in our house.  After a while, he gets scared and retreats back to the closet.

Even though I am so tough, sometimes I have a weak side.  I sometimes get scared to jump off the bed so I will cry and demand someone come to let me down.  I also cry and bark when I want on the bed.  After a while, my parents give in to my demands and will put me on the bed.  I also really hate getting my nails cut.  It takes three people to hold me down in my raging fury to cut my nails.  It always feels better when its done though.  I hate having long nails.  I chew them when they get too long.

One of my favorite games is the run around game.  I love to put everything in my mouth.  I like to steal pens, toys, things my parents leave in my reach, and especially underwear.  When my parents try to get whatever it is back from me, I like for them to chase me.  Of course they can never catch me, because I am a very fast runner.  I never let anyone get their way.  They need to remember that I am the alpha and I do whatever I want.  Sometimes dad gets so mad at me though and yells at me or locks me outside and I get so sad that I let them win.

The last thing I want to talk about is my under-bite.  My bottom lip really sticks out, so it works to my advantage because I have the ultimate puppy look.  Sometimes my bottom teeth get stuck on my top lip (like in the picture) and everyone thinks I look so cute.  I really love all the attention they give me.

Thanks for reading about me!  You’ll have to see the funny videos my mom posts about me.


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