Neva- Tan and White Chihuahua

Hi.  I’m Neva.  I was born in August, 2010.  I am a full bred Chihuahua.  My biological dad is a blue Chihuahua, but unfortunately I didn’t get his colors.  When I was a puppy, I was all white.

When I was just a tiny baby puppy, I was taken home by a lady that didn’t take care of me.  She named me “Strutter” because of how I walked.  She locked me in a cage all day and never was around to play with me.  The people who owned my biological parents decided it was unfair for me to be treated that way, so they took me back.  They knew a guy named Pat (My Dad) and asked him if he wanted me.  He said yes!  He named me Neva because he looked up how to say “snowy” in Spanish on Google Translate, because I was so white.  It turns out that the word was wrong but that’s okay because I learned my new name really quickly.

My dad was very cautious with me, since he had never owned a Chihuahua before.  His friends that had Chihuahuas (including my biological sister, Chloe) gave him some advice and a book to read about how to take care of Chihuahuas.  He bought me a cage to sleep in at night with a nice warm blanket.  He also never fed me human food so I would be healthy and have good manners.

Shortly after my dad adopted me, he met my mom.  She started coming over to our house everyday and I really liked her.  I remember when I first met her, she played with me with my toy.  She always gave me kisses and bought me sweaters to keep me warm when it was cold outside.  I’m really small so I get cold really easy.  When it’s Winter outside, I don’t like to go out to go potty, so I often get in trouble for going inside the house.  My mom would always convince my dad to let me sleep on the bed with them so I could cuddle with them.  Cuddling is one of my favorite things.  I love to get under blankets and keep warm.

My mom always took me over to her house, and that’s how I met grandma.  Grandma is one of my favorite people in the world.  She is really nice to me and she always makes sure I eat a lot.  She gives me so many cookies, which I love.  She also lets me cuddle with her while she is sitting in her chair.  She has three dogs of her own (Cairn Terriers) and I get so excited to play with them.  Their names are Stanlee, Katee and Chloee.  I don’t know why, but I always want to hump Chloee when I am over at grandma’s house.

I remember when my mom bought Charlee, a few months after meeting me.   He is a Chihuahua too.  They first got him when he was a tiny puppy.  For some reason I felt really protective of him, and always wanted to watch over him.  At the same time, I was a little jealous because he was getting a lot of attention.  I remember trying to hit him with my paws.

I was happy when my mom moved in with us, so we could be together all the time.  She is one of my favorite people.  I also really love my dad.  Every time he does anything, I have to watch him to see what he is doing.  If he leaves the room, I watch the door until he comes back.

As we got older, me and Charlee became really good friends.  He likes to play with his toys a lot, but I like playing with him more than toys.  I always grab his toys and bring them over to him so he will be forced to play with me.  We like to play-fight all the time.  Sometimes  he makes me mad though because he tries to be really controlling.  I get the most mad when I am eating, and he tries to steal my food.  I stay in my cage and growl at him but he never leaves.  He still thinks it’s  okay to eat my food.  My parents usually separate him from me, while we eat so he won’t bother me.

I get really sad when my parents leave in the day.  I cry almost all day.   I get really anxious because I was left alone all the time when I was a puppy.  I also get scared to meet new people.  I usually bark at them because I want to let my parents know that there are strange people in our house.  If people I don’t know try to pick me up, I get really scared and sometimes pee and yelp.  If they leave me alone, I will usually get curious about them and try to make friends.

My parents took me to the doctor one time for surgery so I couldn’t have babies.  It was good because I got really upset when they had to put diapers on me.  It made me really upset though.  The nurses were trying to poke me with needles so I bit them.  When my mom took me the next time to the doctor, they gave me a shot to calm me down.  Unfortunately, I am too small for the drugs they gave me and I almost died.  My heartbeat dropped a lot and my body temperature dropped 7 degrees.  The doctor decided not to do my surgery that day, and they gave me a shot to speed back up my heart and kept me in a really hot machine, that felt really good.  My parents were really worried all day.  They were so happy to pick me up from the doctor’s office and take me home.  They gave me so much attention and love that night.  A later day, they took me back to the doctor, and with a different drug, my surgery went well.

I’m a pretty good dog.  I don’t like to get in trouble.  My parents never yell at me because I get so upset, but I know when they are mad because they talk to me in a stern tone of voice.  They get really mad when I eat the cat food.  I know I’m not supposed to go in that room, because there is a gate separating it from the rest of the house, but I can jump really high and I really love cat food.  Sometimes they find me in there, and I know that I am in a lot of trouble.  I usually go run in my cage and punish myself.

I’m really cute and I do a lot of funny things.  My mom likes to share my stories and videos so you’ll have to watch them.

Thanks for reading!


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