A Lil’ Dog, A Lil’ Insurance

Every chihuahua owner has heard it (and probably said it too): your Chi is “a big dog in a little dog’s package.” This can be great if your pet is from a line of social Chi. But, if their grandparents’ genetic temperament was, shall we say, on the grumpier side, chihuahuas can be aggressive and stubborn. This genetic disposition can often lead your feisty little warrior into scrapes with other, bigger breeds. They can also become very fierce in unexpected ways. In 2018, a group of feral Chis took over and terrorized an Arizona town, prompting over 6,000 calls to animal control. If you are from AZ, I apologize, but I like to think of this group as The Arizona Chapter of The Yip Yap Gang.

Highly intelligent, Chis have the biggest brains in relation to body size in the canine kingdom. But this can cause complications because their somewhat fragile neck bones sometimes have trouble holding up their heads without injury, and skull size can put pressure on their brains. That big brain can also mean complications during birth since their smaller hips lead to many chihuahua moms having cesareans. They also have a high possibility of developing lameness from strains, sprains, and luxating or floating kneecaps.

A Chi’s big emotional capacity makes the breed loyal and excitable, with the need to protect their owners often superseding any care for their own safety. In fact, in 2007, a Chi saved a one-year-old from a rattlesnake, only to get bit in the process. (No worries, Zoey survived!).

They have a well-earned reputation for being feisty, bossy, and demanding. But who can resist a Chi pup in a little sweater (which they’ll need since their small size and thin coat means they get cold pretty easily)?

In combination with other health issues common to the breed, such as its propensity to epilepsy, corneal ulcers, dental crowding, tracheal collapses, and heart problems, makes insuring a Chi extra-important. Many people will wait until symptoms appear before thinking of pet insurance. Big mistake! The earlier, the better. It’s easier and less expensive to insure your Chi when they’re a puppy before they’ve developed any health issues.

Another common misconception is that pet insurance is expensive, but this all depends on where you live, your deductible, and the pet insurer you ultimately choose. Many pet owners find that insuring their Chi can cost between $26-$40 a month. If you compare this against the costs of surgery or specialized treatments they may need for the health issues we mentioned above, which can easily run into the thousands, you’ll likely find that insurance is a savvy financial decision.

To give you a few examples, the diagnosis and treatment of patellar luxations, corneal dystrophy, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (a bone condition that affects the femoral head) can each cost as much as $3,000. With just three conditions — all of which chihuahuas are highly susceptible to — your beloved pup may already have run you almost $10k. Put like that, insurance makes sense, no?

Of course, insurance isn’t the only thing that goes into being a great pet parent! Remember to provide your Chi with adequate socialization, daily exercise, and balanced nutrition. After all, they share their number one cause of death (heart disease) with humans.


Your Dog Keeps You Healthy, But Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Pooch?

Happy Smiling Chihuahua

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It’s truly amazing how much our dogs take care of us. They are our constant companions and are always ready to cheer us up when we need it. But new research is showing our dogs help keep us physically healthy as well.

As this article explains, dogs can boost their owner’s health in “incredible” ways—they help lessen depression, reduce stress, make us less susceptible to heart disease, encourage us to stay active, and improve our social lives. It seems our four-legged friends can be true lifesavers for their owners.

And in return, most pet owners would go to great lengths to protect their pet from harm. Unfortunately, far too often, what ends up making our pets sick are things we never thought to consider. From the chemicals we use on our yards to the plants we use to beautify our homes, common household items often pose a threat to our pets. Here are a few tips on how you can thank your pet for keeping you healthy by protecting them from household hazards.

Carefully store medicines. As CesarsWay.com points out, pill bottles “may be child proof but they certainly aren’t dog proof.” It only takes a second for your dog to gobble up the contents of a spilled bill bottle. The article stresses the importance of keeping medicine containers off nightstands, counters, and any other surface that your pet could easily reach.

Go natural with pest control. For many, pesticides are a necessary part of yard maintenance. However, as this fact sheet from the National Pesticide Information Center indicates when pets breathe in pesticides, get them on their skin, or ingest them they can be extremely harmful. But not to worry, because there are other less harmful options that will still keep your yard pest free. For example, this article on organic pest control options suggests using traps or incorporating plants that are naturally resistant to the pests that are plaguing your yard into the vegetation around your house.

Be careful what you plant. If you do choose to make certain plants part of your pest control regimen, make sure you don’t use plants that could be harmful to your pet. Usually, we hear the most about plant dangers and how they can harm pets during the holidays when poinsettias are on display. But there are many other kinds of plants that can harm pets. For example, the Humane Society provides a comprehensive chart, which lists the plants and plant parts that pose a threat to our four-legged friends.

Doggy-proof the bathroom. A bathroom can be especially hazardous to a curious pooch. As BarkPost.com points out in its article on household hazards, items such as “hair ties, bobby pins, and bath poufs” can look like fun things to chew on for pets but are actually very damaging if swallowed. It also warns that you should be careful what you put in your bathroom trashcan. If your nosey dog, pulls a razor or tossed medicine bottle out of the trash they could find themselves in danger very quickly. Give your bathroom a once-over to make sure there aren’t any hazards lurking.

Our pets watch over us and help keep us healthy, mentally and physically. So, we should do the same for them. When you take steps to avoid these household hazards, you can be all the more confident that you’re keeping your pet safe and healthy.


Vee Cecil keeps busy by being a wellness coach, personal trainer and bootcamp instructor in Kentucky. She also recently launched a blog where she shares her passion for health by writing about her favorite tips, activities and recipes.

Pet Insurance is a Great Idea for Chihuahuas

Happy Chihuahua running in grass!

Chihuahuas are awesome… obviously we all know that!

But did you know that Chi’s, just like any other purebred dog, can be susceptible to hereditary disorders that can cost thousands to treat?

Here is a list of the Top 5 most common health issues to keep an eye on.

  1. Luxating Patella – $1,500 to $3,000 (Between 75% and 80% of Chihuahuas that have luxating patellas have an inherited problem)
  2. Heart Disease – $5,000 to $20,000
  3. Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)
  4. Heart Murmur – $5,000 to $20,000
  5. Tracheal Collapse – $4,000 to $7,000

The good news is that you can protect your Chihuahua by purchasing a pet insurance policy. That’s right, pet insurance coverage for your Chi!

Plans start at only $30 per month and will cover up to 90% for treatment of hereditary disorders, illnesses and accidents.

It’s a great way to protect your Chi… and your bank account at the same time. Learn more about Chihuahua pet insurance coverage options and get protection before you get surprised with big, unexpected vet bills!

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The chihuahuas compact size makes them particularly good for apartment living. Chihuahuas come in both short haired and long haired varieties so suit homes with allergy sufferers or where dust and hair is an issue. While some smaller chihuahuas have difficulty jumping down off beds or negotiating stairs, they are…

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