About Me

Hollee, Neva and Charlee- Chihuahuas

Hello! My name is Hollee. People call me “Hollee Wood.”

I will try to keep this short and sweet so you all aren’t stuck reading my entire life story…

It all started on the glorious day of November 1, 1985 in sunny Palm Springs, Ca….

Just Kidding….

But for real, I’m a 28 year old that lives with my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years in Nevada. We have been through a lot of great things together so far, like traveling through Europe and purchasing our own house. We obviously have 2 amazing chihuahuas, 4 chickens, a grey kitty, and a 55 gallon fish tank. I consider our life to be perfect ❤

I am currently working on my degree for Graphic Communications and should be graduating soon.

I’ve been a hairstylist (HolleewoodHAIR.com) for about 9 years, and cannot wait for my new life in Graphic Design. I have started a new blog (graphic-fashion.com) to help me learn more about it.  I spend pretty much all of my free time doing CrossFit. It has changed me in so many ways that you couldn’t possibly imagine, and makes me strive to be a better person every day.  I also enjoy blogging and helping others.

The reason I started this blog was to share my baby puppies with the world.

They are my absolute pride and joys.  I am so excited to come home to them every day.  Words can never express how much I just love these two little dogs.

My boyfriend and I seriously consider them to be our children.  I told him that if we ever break up, I’m gonna steal them and he can have visitation rights.  I just could never imagine my life without them.  I always make sure they have a really good life.

Neva can be really skittish sometimes, but once she warms up to you, she has a heart of gold.  She can’t stand when people are mad at her and she usually punishes herself. It absolutely breaks my heart to see her sad.  She always looks up with me with her big brown eyes and my heart melts.  Her main goal in life is to make us happy and she really appreciates praise and love.  She wants attention all the time.  It is so cute because when I kiss my boyfriend, she will often jump up and get in between us so we are forced to pay attention to her.  She prances around and stands on her hind legs when she is excited and it is just so cute.  I could never let anything bad happen to her and I feel so thankful to have her company every day.

Baby Chars just brightens up my day, every day.  I just can’t help but smile when I think about when he stares at me with his little teeth sticking out of his mouth.  He is really feisty most of the time but he’s still a little baby puppy when he is vulnerable.  He’ll act like a little poop all day and do whatever he wants, but at night, he wants to cuddle and get attention.  He’s really playful and happy most of the time.  I think he is just so cute and so sweet and I want to give him so many kisses all the time.

I hope you all enjoy my dogs as much as I do.  Not to sound biased, but they are the 2 cutest Chihuahua’s I’ve ever seen in my life.  They have amazing personalities and they just brighten up my.

If you have any questions or inquiries about me or this blog, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at Mychihuahuasblog@gmail.com or leave it in a comment.

Also, please don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow me on Twitter/Instagram (@OMFGHolleeWood) !

Thank you so much for the continued support ❤


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