Chihuahua Diapers Expectations Vs. Reality


I kinda get a feeling that they photoshopped the smile on the little dogs face for the packaging….. #ThrowbackThursday


Neva got caught…



Neva Cleans Herself Like a Cat!

Miss Neva often cleans herself by licking her paw and rubbing her face… exactly how cats clean themselves…

My Ferocious Neva Gets the Mouse!

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what “Mouse” means, but she still likes to “get it.”

This is a great habit she picked up from my mom’s dogs.

Neva Always Tries to Convince Me….

Every morning, I feed my dogs in their cages.  They should be used to it by now, but Neva hates going in there because she is really insecure.  Every single morning, she tries to convince me not to make her go in her cage, by acting really cute.  It makes me laugh every time.  The funny thing is, once she’s in there, she doesn’t want to come out, because she has to guard her food from Char.  What a silly girl!