Chihuahua shaming…



Vicious Chihuahua Puppy

Vicious Chihuahua meme "I'll Kill You"

I thought I was clear….

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Fighting Chihuahuas!

Neva Cleans Herself Like a Cat!

Miss Neva often cleans herself by licking her paw and rubbing her face… exactly how cats clean themselves…

Charlee hates my cooking!

Yeah.  I was making oatmeal, and my electric stove was dirty (I CLEANED IT TODAY!) and so it produced a lot of smoke.  The smoke alarm went off and Char freaked out!  It’s so cute and so funny at the same time!

Yay! Worms!

Chihuahuas seriously get excited about the weirdest things.  But that’s part of what makes them so cute.

My Ferocious Neva Gets the Mouse!

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what “Mouse” means, but she still likes to “get it.”

This is a great habit she picked up from my mom’s dogs.