Why Do Chihuahuas Shake?

Well, Charlee is pretty confident and he usually doesn’t shake, but Neva shakes all the time.  She will just look at you and shake until you call her name.  I’ve heard other people talking about their chihuahuas shaking too, so I know that it’s too uncommon.  But I always had to wonder: Why do chihuahuas shake?

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Chihuahua Colors

So like most breeds of dogs, Chihuahuas come in various colors.  Although, there is no color that is absolutely impossible for a Chihuahua, I want to explain some of the typical Chihuahua colors in this post.


Fawn Chihuahua


Black Chihuahua
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Why Do Dogs Lick Your Nose?

My chihuahua licks my nose.

As gross as it is, Neva always loves to lick my  nose.  She does it when she is excited, when I first come home, or if I am talking to her.  I try to push her away, but she gets her little feelings hurt.

I always wondered “Why do dogs lick your  nose?”

Some people say that it is simply just because you let them.  They say if you curb the habit, they won’t do it anymore.  That may be true, but my boyfriend doesn’t let her lick his nose and she still tries.  Another theory is that they like the saltiness of your skin.

The answer goes deeper than that.

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A History of Chihuahuas

Although the history of Chihuahuas is not absolutely certain, there are many theories about the origination of the breed.

Pretty much all theories show that they descend from Mexico.  The most common theory is that they descended from the “Techihi,” a domesticated companion of the Toltec Civilization.  Paintings of Techihi date back to 300 B.C. on pots buried in tombs.  However, actual records only date back to the 9th century.

Techihi painting

It is believed that the Techihi breed was around when the Mayans were.  It is also believed that the Aztecs domesticated these dogs and used them in religious ceremonies.  They were usually only owned by the wealthy citizens.

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Chihuahua Breed Standard

Chihuahua Breed Standard

Let’s just say that you want to show your Chihuahua.  There is a certain “breed standard” that your Chi will be judged on.

A breed standard is essentially a “blueprint” for the individual breed to fit for the function in which it was bred (herding, tracking, etc.).  The standard is not “set in stone,” and can vary in different associations and countries.  It is just a guideline for what Chihuahuas should look like.

Here is the Chihuahua breed standard:

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