Neva Cleans Herself Like a Cat!

Miss Neva often cleans herself by licking her paw and rubbing her face… exactly how cats clean themselves…

3 comments on “Neva Cleans Herself Like a Cat!

  1. Sheri says:

    Coco is an obsessive cleaner and does not like anyones sent on her or me. My boyfriend licked my arm and coco licked the spot, he did it on my other arm she ran to it cleaned it then sat on me and just stared at him. She whinned when he started to. Come close lol. So now i have become a toy i guess u can say for him.


  2. Crissy says:

    My lil girl chichi Charlie does this same thing.


  3. Ingrid palmer says:

    Omg my chihuahua does the same thing biting his nails and he also licks his paws. He is allergic to grass. He bites his nails to releave the itching. I have him on allergy meds that help a lot. I laugh at my dog to but the truth is that he was really uncomfortable.


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