Charlee Bites His NAILS!

I have no idea why, but he seriously always chews his nails.  I usually clip their nails myself (although I have to shine a flash light under Charlee’s so I don’t clip the vein) and his little back nails are usually perfectly chewed off.  He’s not really nervous or anything, so maybe they just bother him.  I think it’s so funny!


One comment on “Charlee Bites His NAILS!

  1. Anne Dunning says:

    Yes, my Chihuahuas do that too, and wash themselves like cats, I have 3 Chihuahuas and 2 Poms,. They don’t like our cold weather right now, I live in Somerset in England and its bitter cold, they have hot water bottles at night and 2 of them come to bed.
    I want to come back as a much loved Chihuahua.
    Anne Dunning


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