Chihuahua Breed Standard

AKC Chihuahua Breed Standard


Full and round but not protruding, well balanced and set well apart.  The color should be luminous dark or luminous ruby (luminous means bright).  Light eyes are okay in blonde or white Chihuahuas.  Blue eyes and different colored eyes are considered a serious fault.


Ears should be large, erect and standing upright when alert but should move to a 40 degree angle when in response.  Cropped ears will disqualify the dog.

Stop (the indentation between the eyes where the nasal bone and cranium meet)

The stop should be well defined and form a 90 degree angle, from a side view, where the muzzle joins the skull.

Muzzle (everything in front of the eyes)

The muzzle should be moderately short and slightly pointed.


Self-colored, which means the same color all over, except for lighter shades.  In blonde Chihuahuas, a pink nose is acceptable.


They should have a level bite (when the front teeth of the upper and lower jaws meet exactly edge to edge) or a scissor bite (when the the outer side of the lower incisors touches the inner side of the upper incisors).  An under-bite or over-bite is penalized as a serious fault.  One or two missing teeth is acceptable.


Slightly arched, gracefully sloping into lean shoulders.

Topline (outline from shoulders to tail)


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3 comments on “Chihuahua Breed Standard

  1. Lilly says:

    I would like to know why my dog does not drink water and what can I give her she is 18 months old


  2. judi says:

    I enjoyed your story and your dogs are so cute. They are fun little critters, aren’t they! I had never had–or wanted–a Chi before. But last year was awful…I lost my 14 yr old Border Collie, and my best friend and my daughter ( age 49, both died with lung cancer 2 months apart. A neighbor hd a couple of Chi’s and just loved them. Well, she showed up at my door with ababy chihuahua, and said “I think you need this.” I said, Oh, no i don’t.” She said he needed a home badly. His family was splitting up & he wasn’t getting proper care. I have “sucker” imbedded in my forhead when it comes to animals in need. I took him to the vet 3 days later to have a check-up and get annual shots. Well, he weighed 2.2 lb and still had baby teeth. After having 2 Big dogs that lived a long time, this Chi was so tiny. I gave himm everything a puppy could ever want or need, and now about 1 1/2 yrs later, he weighs just under 6 lb and is PERFECT.ha Of course we totally fell in love with him. The neighbor was right. i needed him as much as he needed me.


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