A History of Chihuahuas

Wheeled dog toys have been discovered, representing both apple head and deer head Chihuahuas all across Mesoamerica.

Wheeled Chihuahua Toy

In the 19th century, “nearly hairless dogs” were described in records in colonial America.  One record states that the 16th century Conquistadors found them “plentiful in the region (now known as Chihuahua, Mexico).  The state is named after the breed, although most Chihuahua artifacts are found around Mexico City.  Even Christopher Columbus, wrote a letter back to Spain, referencing the tiny dogs.

Since modern day Chihuahuas are much smaller than their ancestors, it was originally believed they were bred with miniature Chinese dogs (like the Chinese Crested), but now that theory is not supported.  Since the old toys that were discovered are very similar to the modern-day Chihuahua in size and shape, scientists believe the breed was in Mexico 1400 years before the Europeans arrived.

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